nderitu, J. H. Chebii, W, Wacira, Kaguongo (2020). TECHNICAL REPORT – KINANGOP DEMO PLOTS

Figure: The CEO, NPCK inspecting the Kinangop demo plots, on the background are Field Instructors
and the local potato farmers.
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Purpose/objective of the demonstration
1. To demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of the common potato varieties and advise farmers on
the suitable varieties for Kinangop.
2. To showcase various chemicals that can be used by potato farmers to mitigate and solve the pest
and disease challenges
3. To demonstrate the appropriate inorganic fertilizers (DAP + CAN) and potato specific fertilizers, for
instance, Yara.
Layout/ design of the field/demonstration setting
The demo plots were organized according to the variety and the treatments used.
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Figure: Demonstration of number of tubers per potato plant variety.
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Technologies/innovation being demonstrated
1. The use of potato cuttings or potato vegetative reproduction
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Presentations by the key speakers and trainers
 The importance of careful variety selection that can withstand cold and harsh weather of
Kinangop, produces more tubers per plant and resistant to pests and diseases
 The choice of chemicals in the prevention of pests and diseases
 The importance of potato as a crop of choice

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