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Obimbo MM, Ogeng'o JA, Saidi H. "Comparative regional morphometric changes in human uterine artery before and during pregnancy." Pan Afr Med J. 2012;13:30. Abstract

Uterine artery undergoes structural modifications at different physiologic states. It is expected that due to its unique course, hemodynamic stresses in the vessel would vary resulting in differences in arterial dimensions. The objective of this study was to investigate regional morphometric changes in the human uterine artery.

Olabu B, Gichangi P SO’oHJ. "Castration causes progressive reduction of penile length of rabbit penis." Anat J Afr . 2014;3 (3):3 (3): 412-416.
ONGETI K, Ogeng’o J, Saidi H. "Structural organization of the human carotid artery." Anatomy Journal of Africa. 2013;2(1).
Ongeti KW, Saidi H, Ogeng'o JA. "Unusual formation of the median nerve associated with the third head of biceps brachii.". In: Clinical anatomy. Clinical anatomy; 2012. Abstract

Unilateral variations in the formation of the median nerve, with the presence of the third head of the biceps brachii entrapping the nerve are very rare. These variations were observed on the right side, of a 30 year old male cadaver during routine dissection at the Department of Human Anatomy, University of Nairobi. The median nerve was formed by the union of three contributions; two from the lateral cord and one from the medial cord. An additional head of the biceps brachii looped over the formed median nerve. On the left side the median nerve was formed classically by single contributions from the medial and the lateral cords. These variations are clinically important because symptoms of high median nerve compression arising from similar formations are often confused with more common causes such as radiculopathy and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ongeti KW, Ogeng’o J, Gakuu LN, Saidi H. "A Pulei Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc in an African Population: Kenyan Experience." East Afrcan Orthopedic Journal. 2012;6:12-15.
Ongeti KW, Saidi H, Ogeng'o JA. "Variant origin of the superior thyroid artery in a Kenyan population." Clinical Anatomy. 2011.Website
Ongeti K, Saidi H O’oJ. "Common carotid intimal medial thickness in a Kenyan ." Anat J Afr . 2014;3 (3 ):393-399.
Opole IO, Gichangi PB, Saidi H. "Structure and adrenergic innervations of the carotid rete Mirabelle in the maasai giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) ." Nairobi Journal of Medicine . 1991;17:51-58.

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