Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of EMC/EMI: Problems of Metallic Enclosures with Apertures

KONDITI DBO, MAKICHE JK, ABSALOMS HO, ADIKA CO, KOECH EK, Dharmathikary VM. "Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of EMC/EMI: Problems of Metallic Enclosures with Apertures." International Journal of Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering (IJTPE). 2010;1(4):1-8.


Problems of Metallic Enclosures with Apertures

D.B.O. Konditi1 J.K. Makiche2 H.O. Absaloms3 C.O. Adika2 E.K. Koech2
V. M. Dharmadhikary3

1 Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University College of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya,,
2 Department of Telecommunication and Information Engineering, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya,,,
3 Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya,,

Abstract- In this paper, experimental and theoretical evaluation of coupling of electromagnetic radiation is reported. Validation of the results is obtained by comparing the experimental data with theoretical data both generated using CONCEPT Simulator and data from our hybrid MoM/FDTD formulation for the analysis of metallic enclosure with apertures. Both the CONCEPT Simulator and the hybrid MoM/FDTD formulation utilize the method of moments, however, the hybridization of the latter makes it more adaptive to the solutions of apertures of arbitrary shape within enclosures with inhomogeneous dielectrics. The problems analyzed are rectangular slot, cross-shaped aperture and diamond-shaped aperture. The experimental results and MoM/FDTD results also agree fairly well with those available in the literature.

Keywords: Shielding effectiveness, metallic enclosures, method of moments, finite difference time domain, EMI/EMC.

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