Journal of Parasitology Research

Nthiwa DM, Odongo DO, Ochanda H, Khamadi S, Gichimu BM. "Journal of Parasitology Research." Journal of Parasitology Research. 2015.


African Animal Trypanosomiasis (AAT) transmitted cyclically by tsetse fly (Glossina
spp.) is a major obstacle to livestock production in the tropical parts of Africa. The objective
of this study was to determine the infection rates of trypanosomes in Glossina species in
Mtito Andei Division, Makueni County, Kenya. Tsetse fly species, G. longipennis and G.
pallidipes, were trapped and DNA was isolated from their dissected internal organs
(proboscis, salivary glands, and midguts). The DNA was then subjected to a nested PCR ..

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