3MT Doctorial Theses Challenge

Graduate School intends to hold a 3MT Doctoral Theses challenge end of June. Due to the COVID 19, the challenge will be done online. 5 students from University of Nairobi will compete with students from Ghana. The following universities are collaborating: University of Nairobi, University of Ghana, University Of York and University (UK) of Rochester (USA).
More details can be found on Graduate school website;.

Course outline and data for course

Data gathered from Biostatistics students' on 16th Sept. 2019. Students are asked to save the attached data as this will form reference data in class examples.

class_data.2.pdf108.72 KB
szl_303_biostatistics_course1.pdf133.82 KB

Dr. Rachel Musyoki joins National Taskforce

On November 13 2014, Dr. Rachel Musyoki joined the National Taskforce to Develop Post-2015 Poverty Coordination Framework under the Presidency - Ministry of Devolution and Planning - State of Planning. The taskforce runs from November 2014 to February 2015.  

Being away on research activities

I will be away in the week of 22nd September 2013 for research activities. All my students should take time to complete their assignments during this period

Class notes for Food chemistry, Advanced analytical methods and scientific communication courses

Students taking these classes should be informed that all notes and assignments will only be accessed through multimedia platform beginning September 2013. No more hard copies will be given.

First semester tteaching schedule 2013/2014

All students should be informed that 1st semester teaching schedule is out and should be accessed through departmental website.


Examinations are round the  corner, I am open to student consultations on areas you feel were inadequately understood.

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."
-- William Durant

To finalize telemedicine and eHealth consultancy

Teaming up Prof.S. Yunkap Kwankam CEO in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Research Interests

  • Otosclerosis-   pathophysiology, treatment
  • Auditory   testing: Evoked response audiometry, other objective auditory testing
  • Chronic supparative otititis media: pathophysiology and treatment
  • Cochlear  Implantation
  • Appropriate Antibiotic usage

Kenya Antibiotic Consensus

Dr Din is a founder member of this Society that aims to advocate appropriate antibiotic usage. More information by contacting Dr Din on or

Cochlear Implantation in Kenya

Dr. Din is a founder member of the Cochlear Implant Group of Kenya. This Group pioneered the first Cochlear Implantation in Kenya in 2012. This is an ongoing activity. All those interested may contact Dr. Din on or


Academic Project Supervision 2016

The following are times you can get me at KIKUYU,CEES

Tuesday 12.30 - 4.30

Friday 9.30 - 2.30

Any other time make a call before you travel 0721 640 716 (prefer SMS)


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Hello World

Hello World

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....and please, do not take life too seriously ...., its not permanent!

Annual Leave

I will be away on annual leave as from 14th April to 7th May 2014. For those students working on their research projects, you can still use our dropbox account to share the write ups. All the best.

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