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H.J K, C.M G, P.N. K. Fundamentals of Management. Nairobi: Aura Books, Nairobi, ISBN 9966-123-456-7; 2012.
Harriet J. Kidombo, Peter K’Obonyo, Chistopher M Gakuu. "Human Resource Strategic Orientation and Organizational Commitment in Kenyan Manufacturing Firms." International Journal of Arts and Commerce. 2012;Vol. 1 (Number 7).ijac_paper_2013.pdf
Stella Omari PD, Peter K'Obonyo PD, Harriet Kidombo PD. "The Moderating Role of Organizational Justice on the Relationship Between Age, Locus of Control and Employee Outcomes." DBA Africa Management Review. 2012;2(3):42-54. Abstract


The Public sector in Kenya is the single largest employer whose employees are scattered
among the local government, the civil service, the judiciary, various government
ministries and parastatals (public corporations). This study was done among select
public corporations with representation from the eight sectors which comprise the
public corporations. The main purpose of the study was to investigate the moderating
effect of organizational justice on the relationship between employee age, locus of
control and employee outcomes. A descriptive cross-sectional survey design was used in
conducting the study. The data for this study were taken from a total of thirteen public
sector organizations which are engaged in service provision and manufacturing. 384
respondents were selected and issued with questionnaires, 181 were returned and used
for the analyses. In general, the results of the study indicated that organizational justice
moderated this relationship. When employees perceived fairness in the organization
they were more satisfied, committed and trusting towards the employer. Employers
need to take into consideration issues of fairness in distribution and procedures when
dealing with their employees. A practical contribution of this study is the implications
that locus of control is significantly related to organizational justice and knowing an
employee’s personality can help managers understand implications for decisions
impinging on justice in the organization.

Key Words: Public Sector, Age, Organizational Justice, Locus of Control, Job satisfaction,
Commitment, Organization Citizenship Behaviours and Trust.

N. KP, C.M. G, H.J. K. "‘Relationship Between School Environment and Use of ICT in Teaching Science Curriculum in Nepad and Cyber e-Schools in Kenya’." Journal of Open, Continuing and Distance Education. 2011;Vol 1(Issue 2):85-110.
H.J. K. "Quality Assurance in Open and Distance Learning: The Case of the University of Nairobi.". In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON QUALITY ASSURANCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN AFRICA (ICQAHEA). Dares salaam; 2007.quality_assurance_in_odl-_unesco_conference_paper_2007.pdf

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