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Dr. Hassan Kinyua Omari has twenty years of working experience in various fields, especially interfaith dialogue where he has highly contributed his skills and experience in solving various problems and contributed towards organizational achievements. He serves as a lecturer, consultant, lawyer, mentor, director of religious affairs, Imam, mediator, counselor, and Islamic teacher for over 15 years in various institutions.

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CV Dr. Hassan Kinyua Omari

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Dr. Hassan holds a Ph.D. (Philosophy and Religious Studies) LLD(Continuing) M.A (Religious Studies) UoN
PGD (Islamic Banking and Insurance-IIBI-UK),
B.A (Arabic Language and Religious Studies) University of Nairobi
LLB(Bachelor of Laws) UoN
Diplomas: Diploma Advocates’ Training Programme (the ATP)-Continuing Kenya School of Law, Mass Communication, Public Relations, and Customer Service - RCTFL;
Arabic language -WAMY; Islamic Shariah-KIFLAPS; Translation and Interpretation-LCC



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