Storm in My Comfort Zone

Twalib MH. "Storm in My Comfort Zone." DBA Africa Management Review. Forthcoming.


The objective of this study was to analyse different situations about incidences where people found it difficult to change on different situations.Change has always been uncomfortable; it takes courage and time to accept it. Many models have been developed to assist in change management including Kurt Lewin’s model of change. Other authors have also indicated the importance of embracing change when it is appropriate. This paper sheds light on real life events and situations where change is due and employees in institutions are uncomfortable with it. The paper describes the different behaviors exhibited by different individuals in resisting change. Data was collected through recordings, interviews conducted with both the change agents, and in some instances with change champions. The paper concludes by elaborating the importance of change and its successes. The incidences were collected from different institutions of higher learning in Kenya.

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