Managing Employee Transition From Active Sports Career to Mainstream Work

Twalib MH, K'OBONYO PO, Lukio OA. "Managing Employee Transition From Active Sports Career to Mainstream Work." International Journal for Innovation Education and Research. 2015;3(6):81-90.


The objective of the study was to determine how Kenya Commercial Bank manages employee transition from
active sports to mainstream work activities of the bank.The methodology used in the study is cross-sectional
descriptive survey and questionnaires were used to collect data. The study found out that at the time of
employment, sportspeople are taken specifically to do sports and do not have any specified qualifications for
them except sports. The salaries of the sportspeople are determined by their academic qualifications and on
transition to mainstream activities their placements are also determined by the same academic qualifications
and also on availability of opportunities. The employees are taken for full time training and on job training is
done under supervision. The sportspeople are able to perform at their peak at a period of eight months. Most
of the sportspeople are placed as subordinates and clerical staff mainly because they do not have the minimal
qualifications required by the bank though, the bank helps them financially to further their studies. The study
also concludes that though slow, some employees eventually catch up in the mainstream work of the bank.

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