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Conference Paper
Okeng'o GO'a. "Testing Dark Energy with HI Surveys.". In: SKA Annual Postgraduate Bursary Conference. STIAS Stellenbosch University; 2012.geoffrey_ska-2012.pdf
Journal Article
Okeng'o GO, Malo JO, Awuor JB, Genga RO. "Testing Structure Formation in the Universe via Coupled Matter Fluids.". Submitted.
Okeng'o GO, Awuor JB. "On the Complexification of Minkowski Spacetime." Africa Journal of Physical Sciences 2 . 2015;2(2015): 73-76.
Okeng'o GO, Malo JO. "A Simplified Formalism for Computing Growth Rates for Perturbations in Standard Cosmology." African Review of Physics, 10:0028. 2015;10 (2015)(ISSN 2223-6589):205-207.
Okeng'o GO'a. "When the dark-sector components``talk''to each other." IAU General Assembly. 2015;22. Abstract

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