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Okeng'o GO'a. A theoretical Study of Stellar Pulsations in Young Brown Dwarfs. Lindsay PR, Olivier DE, eds. Cape Town: UWC/UCT; 2010.msc_thesis.pdf
Okeng'o GO'a. "When the dark-sector components``talk''to each other." IAU General Assembly. 2015;22. Abstract
Okeng'o GO, Awuor JB. "On the Complexification of Minkowski Spacetime." Africa Journal of Physical Sciences 2 . 2015;2(2015): 73-76.
Okeng'o GO, Malo JO, Awuor JB, Genga RO. "Testing Structure Formation in the Universe via Coupled Matter Fluids.". Submitted.
Okeng'o GO'a. "Testing Dark Energy with HI Surveys.". In: SKA Annual Postgraduate Bursary Conference. STIAS Stellenbosch University; 2012.geoffrey_ska-2012.pdf
Okeng'o GO, Malo JO. "A Simplified Formalism for Computing Growth Rates for Perturbations in Standard Cosmology." African Review of Physics, 10:0028. 2015;10 (2015)(ISSN 2223-6589):205-207.

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