GIS for highway engineering in developing countries.

CANNY PROFMULAKUGALCANO, KINYUA PROFMWEASIXTUS, KINYUA PROFMWEASIXTUS. "GIS for highway engineering in developing countries.". In: Journal of Civil Engineering, research and practice Vol.1 Number 1 PP 75-88,. Survey Review; 2004.


Towers are typical structures that can be found in many urban and rural landscapes the world over. From their basic design, they are usually exposed to severe environmental loads. It is therefore prudent to carry out periodic maintenance that includes checking that they are correctly aligned. This paper describes a method that was used for the re-alignment of a guyed tower in Limuru, Kenya. Angular and distance observations, made from two observation points detected a vertical misalignment that was larger than the acceptable tolerance of l/400. An iterative re-alignment procedure was then applied, resulting in an acceptable final misalignment of 1 / 520.



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