George N. Karuku currently works at the Department of Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology, University of Nairobi. George does research in Irrigation and Water Management, Agronomy and Soil Science. Their current project is 'Formulation of Slow Release Fertilizers using nano-particles and superabsorbents'.

Irrigation and Water Management, Agronomy, Soil Science

Skills and expertise
Evapotranspiration, Soil Water Balance, Irrigation Water Resource Management, Soil and Water Conservation ,Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil Physics, Soil water Hydraulics, Water Quality, Soil Erosion, Irrigation Engineering, Water Resources, Drip Irrigation, Watershed Hydrology and Watershed Management, Hydrologic and Water Resource Modeling and Simulation of Storm Water Management

Kikuyu, Gikuyu/English/Swahili

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