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MBUNDE, LUMITIGRACE.  2013.  College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Abstractmbunde_employees__perception_of_staff_appraisal_in_public_organisations_a_case_study_of_the_university_of_nairobi.pdf

The topic of this study was Employees’ Perception of Performance Appraisal: A
Case Study of the University of Nairobi. Despite the fact that various studies exist on
performance appraisal, none has specifically explored employee perception of
performance appraisal at the University of Nairobi among the Administrative Staff
from Grades A to Academic.The objectives of the study were: To examine
employees’ views of performance appraisal results in the University of Nairobi, to
find out the extent to which employees and employers understand performance
appraisal in the University of Nairobi and assessing the tool used in performance
appraisal of employees in the University of Nairobi.
In the Literature of this study the following themes were addressed: the concept of
performance appraisal, objectives of performance appraisal, staff benefits, the
process of appraisal, appraisal styles, requirement for effective performance
appraisal and performance appraisal methods. A sample of 138 respondents was
selected. The respondents were drawn from the six colleges and Central
Administration of the University of Nairobi. Semi structured questionnaires were
administered to the respondents. Primary data was collected, summarized and
analysed using descriptive statistics and presented in tables and pie charts.
The study established that whereas there was a performance appraisal system in place,
it faced various challenges. Among the factors found to influence employee perception
were: lack of clarity on the purpose of staff performance appraisal, inexistent link
between performance appraisal results and reward system, lack of communication on
problem areas that require improvement and absence of performance standards.

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