Urolithiasis.East African Medical Journal, 67: 681-683, 1990.

O. PROFMAGOHAGEORGEA. "Urolithiasis.East African Medical Journal, 67: 681-683, 1990.". In: East African Medical Journal, 67: 681-683, 1990. EAMJ; 1990.


Inguinal varicocelectomy was performed on 27 selected infertile males with Grade III varicoceles. Follow up was effected for eighteen months. 18 (66%) patients recorded improvement in sperm count to above (20 X 10(6)/ML). 17 (63%) patients recorded improvement in active sperm mortility to above 40%. 15 (55%) patients showed diminution in the level of abnormal sperms to less than 30% abnormal forms. A pregnancy rate of 33.3% was recorded. These findings indicate that varicocelectomy is effective in the management of carefully selected infertile males with varicoceles in conformity with the findings of previous other studies.



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