Torsion of the testis in Africans in Nairobi.

Magoha GAO. "Torsion of the testis in Africans in Nairobi.". In: East African Medical Journal, 72: 758-760, 1995. EAMJ; 1995.


Scrotal explorations were performed on 110 patients with clinical suspicion of testicular torsion over an eight-year period from January 1988 to January 1995 at the various government and private hospitals within Nairobi metropolis. Ninety five (86.36%) patients had testicular torsion. 14 (12.73%) patients had epididymo-orchitis and one (0.91%) patient had normal testis. The mean age was 20.5 years. Forty six (48.42%) patients were young adults of over 21 years of age. The overall salvage rate was low at 21% with an orchidectomy rate of 79%. All the patients (40%) who presented to the surgeon more than 48 hours from the onset of symptoms lost their testicles. This may be due to the fact that in this study, forty three (45.26%) patients were placed on antibiotics and analgesics without prior scrotal or external genital examination by the first doctor to examine them before eventual referral to the surgeon. Recurrent torsion was reported in four (4.21%) patients who had previous testicular fixation in the locality.



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