The status of medical ethics in Kenya today.

Magoha GOA. "The status of medical ethics in Kenya today.". In: Medicus, 14: 75-78, 1995. EAMJ; 1995.


Thirty one patients with carcinoma of penis were studied retrospectively at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, over a 20-year period (1971-1990). The majority of patients presented late with symptomatology of over one year duration. 88% of patients with carcinoma were uncircumcised, while the three (12%) patients who were circumcised but developed carcinoma were all circumcised late in adolescence and adulthood, confirming that late circumcision may not protect one from developing penile carcinoma as reported in literature. These findings also indicate that carcinoma of penis may be rare in this locality but is still common among the uncircumcised African tribes.



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