Renal transplantation during the twentieth century

Magoha GAO, Ngumi ZW. "Renal transplantation during the twentieth century." East Afr Med J. . 2001;78(6)::317-21.


OBJECTIVES: To provide an overview of the various advancements and problems associated with both live and cadaver donor renal allograft transplantation during the twentieth century.
DATA SOURCE: Major published reviews on renal transplantation during the the last five decades of the twentieth century were reviewed using Medline internet search and the Index Medicus. The developments in immunosuppressive therapy associated with renal transplantation, the problem of the shortage of both live and cadaveric organ donors and post-transplant complications were examined. The future of renal transplantation including cross species transplantation (xenotransplantation) is discussed.
CONCLUSION: Renal transplantation has evolved over the years to become a very successful and routine procedure. However, the transplant waiting lists have remained long due to a continuously shrinking kidney donor pool which is due to improved results of neurosurgical procedures, better emergency and intensive care services and the failure to adequately prevent and treat post transplant chronic renal failure.

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