Prognosis in poorly differentiated carcinoma of the prostate.

Magoha GAO. "Prognosis in poorly differentiated carcinoma of the prostate. ." Nairobi Journal of Medicine. 1990;16:17-19.


A study of 47 Nigerian patients with prostatic carcinoma at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital revealed that 17(36.17%) had poorly differentiated carcinoma, Gleason’s Grade VI. Fourteen patients (28.79%) had moderately differentiated carcinoma, Gleason’s Grade III, while two other patients (4.25%) had well differentiated glands but with more atypia and less well circumscribed boundaries, Gleason’s Grade II. The last twelve patients (25.53%) had very well differentiated carcinoma Gleason’s Grade I.
Nine of the eleven patients (81.81%) who died during the study period had poorly differentiated and undifferentiated prostatic carcinoma, Gleason’s Grade V. The other two deaths were from moderately differentiated tumours, Gleason’s Grade II and I.
These findings show poor prognosis for poorly differentiated and undifferentiated carcinoma of the prostrate in Nigerian Africans similar to previous reports in Caucasians by other authors (6,7,6,11).

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