The Management of Early Prostate Cancer: A Review.

Magoha GAO. "The Management of Early Prostate Cancer: A Review." East African Medical Journal. 2007;Vol 84 (No. 9).


Objective: To carry out a review of the management of early (clinically localised) prostate cancer.
Data Source: Review of all published literature on the management of early prostate cancer was carried out through medline and index medic us searches.
Data Selection: Published data of the management of early prostate cancer over the last three decades were included in the review.
Data Extraction: Abstracts of articles identified were assessed, read and analysed to determine their relevance to the title under review.
Data Synthesis: After establishing relevance from the abstract, the entire paper was read, and the significant points included in the review.
Conclusion: Greater number of men are currently being diagnosed with early prostate cancer. This is due to widespread use of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening available worldwide. Radical treatment including radical prostatectomy and radical radiation therapy have proven curative value for a significant number of men with localised disease. Survival outcomes indicate that radical prostatectomy offers more reliable cure than radiation therapy for clinically localised disease.

Immediate treatment related morbidity of radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy is currently quite low. Both treatment methods have similar impact on erectile function and continence. Rectal complications are however unique to radiation therapy. Surgical and radiation therapy delivery techniques should be further improved to reduce treatment related morbidity and quality of life outcomes.

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