Incidental carcinoma in surgically resected prostates in Nigerians.

Magoha GAO. "Incidental carcinoma in surgically resected prostates in Nigerians. ." Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine. 1985;(3):9-12.


A histological analysis of 306 prostates resected for benign hyperplasis at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital revealed incidental carcinoma in 10.46% by routine sectioning technique. Carcinoma in situ of the prostate accounted for 59.4%, well differentiated adenocarcinoma 18.7%, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma 9.4% each, and squamous cell carcinoma 3.1.%. Treatment was expectant for carcinoma in situ while stilboestrol and or orchidectomy was used for all other histological types. The results show that expectant treatment is effective and adequate for in situ carcinoma, and that poorly differentiated and undifferentiated prostatic carcinoma has poor prognisis compared to well differentiated carcinoma after similar treatment

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