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Busby L, Brown I, Mwango G, Rawlings-Fein M, and others. "RISE (Radiology International Student Education): creation and utilization of virtual online classroom for global radiology education." Annals of Global Health. 2016;82(3):408-409.
MATHENGE DRMURIITHIIAN, NTHAMBI DRMWANGOGLADYS. "Mwango GN, Muriithi IM. Wandering Spleen: Case Report. EAMJ.2010;87:84-86. .". In: EAST AFRICAN MEDICAL JOURNAL. EAMJ; 2010. Abstract
Wandering spleens are rare clinical entities found more commonly in women aged 20-40 years. We report one such case found in a 24-year-old nulliparous woman who presented with low abdominal pains of sudden onset and splenomegaly. An emergency abdominal CT scan showed an enlarged spleen located in the right lumbar region and extending into the pelvis. There was a long splenic pedicle containing tortuous vessels. A review of literature and the postulated aetiological factors and associations are discussed.

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