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Githanga J N KGW. "Blood Safety in Kenya:Challenges in blood distribution and cold chain maintenance.". In: 6th International Congress of the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion .; 2012.
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Kitonyi GW, Macharia WM MOW. "Clinical- pathologic Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes in Children with Neuroblastoma at the Kenyatta National Hospital Nairobi." EAMJ. 2009;(86):39-46. AbstractWebsite

Objertive: To determine clinical-pathologic characteristics, treatment modalities and treatment outcomes of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.
Design: Cross- sectional descriptive study based on secondary data from patient records.
Setting: Records department of Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), a tertiary teaching and referral hospital based in Nairobi.
Subjects: Children aged 15 years and below, admitted with the diagnosis of neuroblastoma, between January 1997 and December 2005.
Main outcome measures: Presenting clinical features, diagnostic modalities including laboratory and imaging data, treatment modalities, response to treatment and patient survival.

8. Kitonyi G.W, Githang'a JW RJAMOW. "Paeditric thrombosis in Kenya." J Haem Thromb. 2009;7(2):452.
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Nantulya F.N.., Kitonyi G.W. PNKOJ. "Chediaki Higashi Syndrome: a case report on an African infant." EAMJ. 1990;9(67):674-680 . AbstractWebsite

An African Kenyan female infant was born with very light skin and ashen grey, scanty hair. At 18 months she presented with a bluish skin pigmentation, hepatosplenomegaly, generalised lymphadenopathy and non-responsive fever. A bone marrow aspirate and peripheral blood examination done revealed characteri¬stic features of the Chediak-Higashi Syndrome. This is a rare disorder, to our knowledge not previously described in Africans. The case is presented with a brief review of the literature

G.W. K. "The Acute Leukaemias (Review article) ." EAMJ. 1986;(63):756.
Kitonyi. "Haemophilia and Allied disorders in Kenya in “Status and Atlas of Haemophilia world Wide.". In: Status and Atlas of Haemophilia world Wide. A World Federation of Haemophilia Publication; 1984.
G.W. K. "Haemophilia and Allied Disorders in Kenya.". In: International Haemophilia congress 1980. Bonn, Germany ; 1982.
E.G KKGW. "Hereditary bleeding disorders in Kenya." EAMJ. 1981;(58):738-747 . Abstract

This is a retrospective study of 105 patients with herediatry haemorrhagic disorders seen at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), between March 1975 and July 1980. Haemophilia forms 63% of the cases, Christmas disease 22% and von Willebrarid's disease (VWD) 9.5%. Rarer disorders encountered are factors X and VIII deficiency and one case of Glauzmann's disease. The study includes 3 subjects of Asian descent. Haernophilia co-existed witlt B-thalassaemia trait in 2 of the Asian subjects. Co-existing Christmas disease' and sickle cell anaemia was seen in one case. The clinical picture and course ' of the disorders are very similar to what is described elsewhere in the literature. It is. noted that although complications of replacement therapy in bleeding disorders are well documented elsewhere, only one of these patients' showed clinical evidence of such complications. There is now ample evidence that haemophilia is quite common in Africans, contrary to some reports in the past. This report serves as further evidence that haemophilia is not uncommon in Kenya and adds on to the already documented cases of hereditary haemorrhagic diseases in Kenya (1). With improving diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and increased use of hospital services more of these cases will be diagnosed

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