PPR Genome

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DUNDON WG, Kihu SM, Gitao CG, Bebora LC, John NM, Oyugi JO, Loitsch A, Diallo A. "Detection and Genome Analysis of a Lineage III Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus in Kenya in 2011." Transboundary and Emerging diseases. 2015;DOI:10.1111/tbed.12374:1-7.onlinelibrarytps.pdf
Dundon W, Kihu S, Settypalli BK, Gitao CG, Bebora LC, Munene JN, J.O.Oyugi, Silber R, L.Angelica, Diallo A. "First Complete Genome Sequence of a lineage III peste des petits ruminants virus." Genome Announcement . 2014;2(5).

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