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Ireri C, KRHODA GO, Mukhovi MS. "2. Social-Economic Threshold Factors for Gully Erosion Stabilization in Semi-Arid Environment of Wanjoga River Catchment, Upper Tana Basin, Kenya." International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch. 2021;6(5):172-187.
O AI, KRHODA GO, Mukhovi SM. "3. Land Cover and Land Use Change in the Mara River Basin: A Geospatial Approach. ." International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch. 2020;5(5):68-85.
O. KG. "Advance Geomorphology.". Forthcoming. Abstract
O. KG. Changing patterns in water resource tenure in Kenya and mechanisms for resolving emerging conflicts. East African Regional Seminar for Journalists, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), March; 1999. Abstract


O. KG. "Water Resources.". Submitted. Abstract
Rabe M, Price G, Krhoda G, Goodwin R. 2. Climate Change Vulnerability and Infrastructure Investment Assessment and Analysis for Small Scale Water Utilities in the Lake Victoria Basin. Guide Book for water and wastewater utilities. .; 2011. Abstract

The effect of global climate change on the built urban environment, especially installed infrastructure for the
delivery of essential services, will be particularly severe and even more so for developing countries where
resources to deal with anticipated impacts are lacking. Because the delivery of wet services is dependent on
water resources and tends to be an energy intensive operation, water and wastewater utilities will be most
vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. It is therefore imperative that the providers of these services embark on a programme of proactively adapting to the impacts of climate change and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through improved pumping efficiencies. Because adaptation can take on many forms, utilities must apply logic and rational thinking to this process and prioritize interventions that are most likely to cost effectively address identified

Thecla A, O KG, Alice O-O. "10. Principal component analysis of the effects of flooding on food security in agrarian communities of south eastern Nigeria." International Journal of Hydrology. 2018;2(2):205-212.

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