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Prof. George Okoye Krhoda, CBS, is Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies and Vice Chairman of the Daystar University Council. He is a Hydrologist/Water Resources Management specialist and has B.Ed.(Hons), M.A and Ph.D on River Hydraulics And Water Resources Planning. Krhoda is also the Managing Director of Research on Environment and Development Planning (REDPLAN) Consultants Ltd. Until December 2006, he was the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Chairman of the Negotiation Committee on the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework, and earlier Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation where most of the water sector reforms were carried under his watch. Currently finalizing “Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for Akiira One Geothermal Power Energy in Rift Valley, having completed ESIA for Mount Suswa Geothermal Energy, Formulation of Kenya’s national Groundwater Policy; National Transboundary Water Resources Policy, and Outcome Evaluation of UNDP Rwanda Environment Programme”. Recently, Prof. Krhoda has been involved in “Development of the Mau Forest Complex Investment Programme”, “Lake Naivasha Conservation and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Programme” in developing, managing and evaluating “Mara River Basin Policy, Legal and Institutional Cooperative Framework”, “Environmental Audit for Arid Lands Resource Management Project, Climate Change and Development Study”, humanitarian programmes in South Darfur in Kass, reviewed the status of IWRM in countries of the South, member of GWP Review Group on IWRM planning and has consulted in various capacities for the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, UNEP, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi, and WWF, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), IGAD, COMESA, and OSS; co-organized with UNO/UNEP international conferences on UN Desertification Convention, UN Climate Change Convention, Basel Convention and ILEC/World Lakes Conferences. Krhoda was appointed Rapportuer for the GA/UNEP, in February 2006 in Dubai, The Emirates. His current consultancy assignment concentrates on Policy Dialogue and Conflict over use and access to natural resources, institutional reforms, strategic planning, floods and environmental management.

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