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Dr George Obiero, Is the Current Director, Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics based at the University of Nairobi. 2014-2019: As the Director at CEBIB: Facilitated the Use and operalization of funds received from the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium group at the University of Nairobi-CEBIB towards renovation and upgrade of administrative office and bioinformatics laboratory infrastructure. I am a Board member at the Kenya Aids Vaccine Institute, An expert Reviewer for the National Biosafety Authority, and has been a reviewer for - BioMed Research International Journal, and National research Foundation, South Africa. I am a Technical Committee Member at the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Currently supervises 4 PhD students and has supervised over 10 Msc students. I teach Applied Microbiology and Biopolocy, Biosafety and IP at Post graduate Level.
2010-2012- As the Bioprocessing Platform Manager at the Bioprocessing platform: I applied for and managed the budget for all operational and project costs for a whole years; -Funds to the Platform was received from Department of Science and technology, South Africa to the technology Innovation Agency through. I was able to give support to innovative companies performing pilot scale operations in bioprocessing towards product development. Amongst the products of interest were biological control products.
While a post doctoral fellow in 2006-2007 working on the research Research Focus: (1) Using Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases for the production of value added products from alkanes and optimisation of productivity using sixfors multireactor/bioreactor system. The project involved bioreactor (20 L Braun Biostat), multireactor (6 vessel sixfors multireactor) and shake flask optimization studies. I was the first researcher in Africa to use commission and use the sixfors multireactor for optimizing microbial processes. I latter went on to train other researchers on the operations, use and applications of the sixfors in microbial fermentation research. Also developed curricula course unit for Msc Course in Bioreactors and Bioprocessing at the School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering at the University of North West, South Africa

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