Wafubwa, RM.  2008.  Factors affecting documentation of Intraoperative nursing care at Kenyatta National hospital main theatre. Abstract

Documentation plays a key role in the construction of social reality (Anderson 2006,
Levy2003, Searle 1996). A descriptive cross-section study conducted among nurses
working at Kenyatta national hospital (KNH) main theatre within a period of 9 months,
where both qualitative and quantitative methods used to collect data. The study aimed at
determining factors affecting documentation of intraoperative nursing care given to
patients while undergoing surgery in KNH theaters.
A self-administered structure questionnaire for the respondents, an interview guide for
face-to-face interview of the key informants and an observation guide using the record
files of patients who were ready for discharge from the unit back to the ward to collect
data on intraoperative nursing documentation. A simple random sampling method was
used to select a sample of 83 out of 96 qualified nurses, employed by KNH and working
in the operating theatre, who were willing to participate in the study.
The results showed Results showed that knowledge on hospital policy and perception
which included; lack of time, lack of provision in file to document and perception that no
nursing is done in theatre were statistically significant to intraoperative documentation (p
< 0.05). The study concluded that nurses perception and knowledge on hospital policy
affected intraoperative nursing care documentation.

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