Polymyositis associated with Ehrlichia canis infection in two dogs

Buoro IBJ, Kanui TI, Atwell RB, Njenga KM, Gathumbi PK. "Polymyositis associated with Ehrlichia canis infection in two dogs.". 1990.


Clinical, haematological, biochemical, electrophysiological and pathological features of two dogs infected with Ehrlichia canis and with concurrent signs of polymyositis are presented. Both dogs had a history of relatively acute onset, progressive tetraparesis, hyporeflexia and generalised muscle wasting. Skeletal muscles were atrophic and characterised histologically by plasmocytic, lymphocytic and immature lymph-oreticular cellular infiltrates with accompanying areas of necrosis. Histopathological similarities between ehrlichiosis and polymyositis are noted and a probable aetiological relationship is inferred.

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