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Gathigi, G. (2014).  Welcome to the age of crowd education. Standard. , May 13, 2014
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Gathigi, G. (2017).  How the media covered Kenya’s general election. The Conversation.
Gathigi, G., & Brown D. (2010).  The new public-sphere: Radio and democratization process in Kenya. . Media and technologies in emerging African Democracies . , Lanham, MD: University Press of America
Gathigi, G. W. (Submitted).  FM Radio Broadcasting in Local Languages Triggering Rural Empowerment in Kenya. Jahazi Arts and Culture Journal.
Gathigi, G. (2014).  Why sit-in exams are not the best assessment tools. Standard. , April 17, 2014
Gathigi, G., & Waititu E. (2012).   Coding for Development in the Silicon Savannah: The Emerging Role of Digital Technology in Kenya. Re-Imagining Development Communication.. , Lexington : Lexington Books
Kabura, M., Muriithi L., & Gathigi G. (2005).  Ushikwapo Shikamana: Increasing Dialogue in Communities. Culture, Entertainment and Health promotion in Africa. , Nairobi: Population Communication International

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