Root Length in maxillary first permanent molars in a Kenyan population.

W. DRGATHECELOICE. "Root Length in maxillary first permanent molars in a Kenyan population.". In: 26th KDA/IADR annual scientific conference and exhibition, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upper hill, Nairobi October 21st to 23rd 2010. Nyaga JM, Maina SW, Okoth J. Gathece L.W.; 2010.


Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya. A case report is presented of a 53 year old man who presented with posterior dislocation of the hip after a road traffic accident. Initial management by closed reduction failed due to presence of an occult free intra-articular fragment. This fragment was not visualised on plain A-P and lateral X-ray views. The cause of the failed closed reduction was eventually detected by CT scan. Open reduction and removal of the bone fragment was done and the hip remained stable thereafter. It is concluded that plain X-rays are not adequate in the diagnosis of free intra-articular bone fragments within the hip joint and CT scanning is advised for accurate detection of such occult bine fragments.




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