Gabriel Keya

Mr. Keya is current workshop attendant at the Dept of Vet. Anatomy & Physiology. 1975: Bumbe Technical High School, 1976-1977: Nangina Youth Polytechnic: Trained as a carpenter. 1978-1979 : Trainee as brake binder and lining. 1980-1981 Employed at Nyanza Black Smith doing Brake bonding and brake lining. 1983-1986 worked at Ministry of Transport, Kisii doing Brake bonding and brake lining. 1986: Employed at Ryce Motors as a Carpenter. 2005 to Date
Employed at  Department of Veterinary Anatomy Physiology, University of Nairobi
Responsibilities: Carpentry, maceration and incineration, Cleaning, Feeding and care of research animals. 2012 Trained as a driver and obtained a BCE driving licence.

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