The Kenya geodetic reference system project.

O. PROFADUOLFRANCISW. "The Kenya geodetic reference system project.". In: United Nations / European Space Agency Symposium on Space Industry Cooperation with the Developing World. Graz, Austria,. F.N. kamau, G. N Thothi and I.O Kibwage; 1997.


A model for the establishment of an integrated geodetic datum covering a region is treated. The integrated geodetic datum is understood here to comprise the geoid, the reference ellipsoid, and the positional coordinates. A comprehensive unified solution model including the three parameters comprising the datum is considered. The estimation model adopted rigorously incorporates determined prior information in the estimation of the datum parameters. Mathematical models together with the pertinent observation equations are presented, followed by a description of the procedure for the aetual setting up of the datum. The observational scheme is based on a system of modular traverses anchored on a trilateration of GPS baselines.




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