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Personal Information


Areas Of Specialization

Entomology / Applied Parasitology

Research Interests Insect Vector Biologist/Entomologist, special interest in Vector, Biology Ecology and Control of vector borne diseases.
Holder of several awards/Scholarships leading to International Baccalaureate Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Biological Sciences.
Positions held in the past include laboratory Demonstrator, Research Assistant, Tutorial Fellow, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor with over thirty years teaching/research experience in Zoological Sciences, particularly Entomology and Applied Parasitology. Teaching of service courses in other U.O.N. Departments.
Professional consultancy services to KETRI, ICIPE. Collaborative Research with UNESCO,(IPAL), KETRI /KARI and KEMRI . Supervision and examination of several higher degree projects. Jigger research in Muranga County, Kenya and malaria and Rift Valley Research in collaboration with postgraduate students and other partners.
Key administrative duties at U.O.N held in the past included warden ship, Unit Manager ,ISO Auditor, Integrity Assurance Officer, Chair of several Committees, Deputy Director at the Student Welfare Authority and Acting Director, SWA.

Community services include but not limited to:
counselling youth on matters related to HIV/AIDS/ Drug and substance abuse, social services at community and high school level, PTA , and Church Committees

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