1. ABIDJAN (Ivory Coast) means “I have just been cutting leaves”;
2. ABU DHABI (UAE) means “Father of Gazelle”;
3. ACCRA (Ghana) means “Place of Ants”;
4. ADDIS ABABA (Ethiopia) means “New Flower”;
5. ALGIERS (Algeria) means “The Islands”;
6. AMMAN (Jordan) means “Place of Tremors” ;
7. AMSTERDAM (Netherlands) means “A Dam on the Amstel River”;
8. ANKARA (Turkey) means “Anchor”;
9. ANNAPOLIS (Maryland, US) means “City of Grace”
10. ANTANANARIVO (Madagascar) means “City of the Thousand” (guards/soldiers)
11. ASMARA (Eritrea) means “Live in Peace”;
12. ASUNCION (Paraguay) means “Assumption”;
13. ATHENS (Greece) means “Goddess of Wisdom”;
14. BAGHDAD (Iraq) means “Given by God;
15. BAMAKO (Mali) means “Crocodile River”;
16. BANGKOK (Thailand) means “Island of ‘Olive’ Fruits”;
17. BANGUI (Central African Republic) is from “River Ubangi”;
18. BANJUL (the Gambia) means "Place of Fibres” (Ropes)
19. BEIJING (China) means “Northern Capital”;
20. BEIRUT (Lebanon) means “Fountain”;
21. BELGRADE (Serbia) means “White City”;
22. BERN (Switzerland) means “Bear”;
23. BLOEMFONTEIN (South Africa) means “Fountain of Bloom” (flowers);
24. BRUSSELS (Belgium) means “Home in the Marsh”;
25. BUCHAREST (Romania) means “It is beautiful”;
26. BUDAPEST (Hungary) comes from two merged cities: Buda (meaning “water”) and Pest (meaning “Furnace”);
27. BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) means “Fair Winds”;
28. CAIRO (Egypt) means “The Victorious”;
29. CONAKRY (Guinea) means “The Other Side of Wine”;
30. COPENHAGEN (Denmark) means “Merchants’ Harbour”;
31. DAMASCUS (Syria) means “Well Watered Place”;
32. DAR ES SALAAM (Tanzania) means “House of Peace”;
33. DOHA (Qatar) means “Sticky tree”;
34. DUBLIN (Ireland) means “Black Pool”;
35. ENTEBBE (Uganda) means “Seat”;
36. HANOI (Vietnam) means “Between Rivers”;
37. JAKARTA (Indonesia) means “Victorious Deed”;
38. JERUSALEM (Israel) means “Abode of Peace”;
39. KAMPALA (Uganda) means Place of “Gazelle” or “Impala”;
40. KHARTOUM (Sudan) means “End of Elephant’s Trunk” ;
41. KINSTON (Canada) and Kingston (Jamaica, etc.) mean “King’s Town”
42. KUALA LUMPUR (Malaysia) means “Muddy Confluence”;
43. KYOTO (Japan) means “Capital City”;
44. LAGOS (Nigeria) means “Lakes”;
45. LANCASTER (UK, US, etc.) means “Fort of River Lune”
46. LIBREVILLE (Gabon) means “Free Town”;
47. LISBON (Portugal) means “Safe Harbour”;
48. LOMÉ (Togo) means “Among the Alo Plants”;
49. LUANDA (Angola) means “Sandbank”;
50. LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg) means “Little Castle”;
51. MALE (Maldives) means “Big House”;
52. MANAGUA (Nicaragua) means “Adjacent to the Water”;
53. MASERU (Lesotho) means “Place of the Red Sandstone”;
54. MOGADISHU (Somalia) means “Seat of the Shah” (of Persia);
55. MONTREAL (Canada) means “Royal Mountain”;
56. MORONI (Comoros) means “Heart of Fire”;
57. MOSCOW (Russia) means “City by the Moskva River”;
58. MUSCAT (Oman) means “Hidden”;
59. N’DJAMENA (Chad) means “Place of Rest”;
60. NAIROBI (Kenya) means “Place of Cool [or Fresh] Waters”;
61. OUAGADOUGOU (Burkina Faso) means “Where People Get Honour and Respect”;
62. PHILADELPHIA (US) means “Brotherly Love”;
63. PORT-AU-PRINCE (Haiti) means “Port of the Prince”;
64. PRETORIA (South Africa) named after Andries Pretorius;
65. PRINCETON (NJ, US) means “Town of the Prince”;
66. PYONGYANG (North Korea) means “Flat Land”;
67. QUEBEC (Canada) means “Where the River Narrows”;
68. RABAT (Morocco) means “Fortified Place”
69. RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) means “River of January”;
70. RIYADH (Saudi Arabia) means “Gardens”;
71. ROME (Italy) means “Bravery” or “Courage”;
72. SAN JOSE (Costa Rica, Cuba, etc.) means “Saint Joseph”;
73. SAN SALVADOR (El Salvador) means “Holy Saviour”;
74. SANAA (Yemen) means “Well Fortified”;
75. SANTIAGO (Chile) means “Saint James”;
76. SEOUL (South Korea) means “Capital”;
77. SINGAPORE (Singapore) means “Lion City”;
78. SOFIA (Bulgaria) means “Wisdom”;
79. STOCKHOLM (Sweden) means “Log Islet”;
80. TAIPEI (Taiwan) means “Northern Taiwan”;
81. TEHRAN (Iran) means “Modern”;
82. THE HAGUE (Netherlands) means “The Count’s Woods”;
83. TOKYO (Japan) means “Eastern Capital”;
84. TORONTO (Canada) means “Where Trees Stand in Water”;
85. TRIPOLI (Libya) means “Three Cities”;
86. VICTORIA (Seychelles) means “Victory”;
87. VIENNA (Austria) means “White Fort”;
88. WARSAW (Poland) means “Belonging to Warsz”;
89. WINDHOEK (Namibia) mean “Windy Corner”;
90. ZANZIBAR (Tanzania) means “Black Land”?
Well, now you know.

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