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Nairobi Rivers have deteriorated over time due to rapid population growth, urbanization, industrialization coupled with poor urban planning. The water is currently considered unfit for human use thaugh it continues to be used for urban agriculture and drinking at Athi River where Nairobi Rivers drain thus exposing human to a risk of adverse hiealth effects. Water was collected from 14 sites 0101'19 the three rivers and enclysed for physiccl-chemicclpcrcme ter-s, pesticides, PCBs, and coliforms, Benthic mccroinver-rebrctes were also investigated. Most of the investigated parameters were above the recommended levels by NEN\A and 'NHO "for dripking water. Low diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates .. was a good indication o.f. p. oor water quality. This calls for a serious government intervention in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals MDGs


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