Drinking water quality

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Onyango-Ouma W, Gerba. CP. "Away-from-home drinking water consumption practices and the microbiological quality of water consumed in rural western Kenya." Journal of Water and Health. 2011; 9(4):628-636. AbstractWebsite

Ogutu EO. A 10-year (1976-1986) retrospective study was done on 30 cases with histological diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma. The male to female ratio was 1.3:1 and the peak incidence was in the 6th and 7th decades. The head of the pancreas was involved in 96% of cases while solid adenocarcinoma of duct cell origin accounted for 73.3% of cases, followed by anaplastic carcinoma (23.3%). The commonest complications were distinct metastasis (86.6%), obstructive jaundice (73.3%) and upper gastrointestinal bleed (13.6%).

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