Pyrenes and pyrendiones from Uvaria lucida

Moriyasu M, Takeuchi S, Ichimaru M, Nakatani N, Nishiyama Y, Kato A, Mathenge SG, Juma FD, ChaloMutiso PB. "Pyrenes and pyrendiones from Uvaria lucida.". 2012.


A chemical investigation of the chloroform extract of the roots of Uvaria ludida Benth. (Annonaceae), an important African traditional medicine, led to the isolation of six new compounds; three pyrenes, 2-hydroxy-1,8-dimethoxypyrene (1), 8-methoxy-1,2-methylenedioxypyrene (2), and 7-hydroxy-8-methoxy-1,2-methylenedioxypyrene (3), two pyrenediones, 2-hydroxy-1,8-pyrenedione (4) and 2-methoxy-1,8-pyrenedione (5), and a sesquiterpene, (-)-10-oxo-isodauc-3-en-15-oic acid (6), together with eight known compounds (7-14). The structural elucidation by spectroscopic studies of the compounds isolated is described. While pyrenes did not exhibit strong cytotoxicity against human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells, pyrenediones showed strong cytotoxicity. The IC(50) of 4 was 70 ng mL(-1), which was close to that of etoposide (IC(50) = 60 ng mL(-1)).

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