Hydroxyespintanol and schefflerichalcone: two new compounds from Uvaria scheffleri.

Ichimaru, M; Nakatani MNKMJCMN; M;. "Hydroxyespintanol and schefflerichalcone: two new compounds from Uvaria scheffleri.". 2010.


A chemical investigation of the petroleum ether extract and chloroform extract of the root of Uvaria scheffleri Diels (Annonaceae) led to the isolation of two new compounds, named hydroxyespintanol (1) and schefflerichalcone (2), together with eight known compounds (3-10). The structural elucidation of compounds 1 and 2 by spectroscopic studies is described. The cytotoxicity of the isolated compounds against human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells was studied. Among these, 2'-hydroxy-3',4',6'-trimethoxychalcone (5) exhibited cytotoxicity (IC(50) 12 microM), and espintanol (3), which was the main ingredient, also showed some cytotoxicity (IC(50) 44 microM)

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