Ceramics and History in the Iron Age of North Cameroon

Wahome E. "Ceramics and History in the Iron Age of North Cameroon." Nyame Akuma (Publication of the Society for Africanist Archaeologists).. 1989;32:8.

This  study  is based  on  the  Iron  Age ceramics  of North  Cameroon and northeastern Nigeria  dating  from  the first to sixteenth  century  A.D.This  is an  area generally believed to have gone through myriad political, social, and economic changes during the Iron Age. However, I have  demonstrated  an extraordinary  degree  of continuity in  the ceramics of the North  Cameroonian part of the study area that contrasts  with the variability that  might  be  expected  on  the basis  of the  historical  record  for the  zone lying a short  distance  to the north.   I also for the first time established precise comparisons between  the  ceramics  of the study   area   and   the   nearest   well-docu- mented  materials  from  Daima  in Nigerian Borno.

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