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Reading, Traveling and Listening to Music

Research Areas

Financial Markets, Public Finance, Monetary Policy, Banking and Investments, and Entrepreneurship

Research Activities

  • The Analysis of Efficiency, Chaos and Nonlinearity in the Foreign Exchange Markets in Kenya:
    The objective of this research is to study the stability of the foreign exchange rates of major foreign currencies against the Kenya shilling and how these impacts of economic growth and development, and social welfare.
  • The Study of the Credit Markets in Kenya:
    The aim of this study is to examine the efficiency of the banking industry in Kenya and how this affects costs, profitability, economic growth, stability of commercial banks and social welfare.
  • The Study of entrepreneurship, its genesis, gowth and development, decline and the factors which influence each of these phases.:
    The objective of this research is to examine the factors that influence entrepreneurship genesis, growth and development, and decline in Kenya and the role that microfinance can play in the phases of entreprise evolution.
  • The Study of Public Taxation and Expenditure and their Impact on Economic Growth and Social Welfare:
    This research focuses on the revenue raising and expenditure activities of both local and central governments. I also examines the nexus between the ways in which revenue is raised and spend,the growth in the size of government, economic growth and the welfare of the citizens.

Work Experience

  • 01/09/2001 to 01/01/1970   - Assistant Lecturer  at  Department Of Finance And Accounting, School Of Business, University Of Nairobi
  • 05/01/1999 to 30/11/2001   - Lecturer - Part-Time  at  Stathmore University
  • 11/03/1998 to 30/08/2001   - Senior Computer Technologist  at  School Of Mathematics, University Of Nairobi
  • 02/06/2000 to 30/08/2001   - Lecturer - Part-Time  at  School Of Mathematics, University Of Nairobi

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