Computer Simulation of Heat transfer, Fluid flow and Smoke Control for Building Fire Safety

                                                                     Hydrodynamic-Stress Analysis        Vortex Generated Drag                Wave energy converter

                                                    Ernest A. Odhiambo (Ph.D)

   Mech. Eng.| University of Nairobi| +254(0)729151906 |

                                            Computational Fluid Dynamics

      Fluid flow and structure interaction  - research, modeling and simulation engineering

    Fluid/structure interaction analysis | Hydro/Aerodynamic analysis | Fire-driven Flows (FDS) | Plumbing / Drainage (MEP)

Fluid flow simulation experts. We cherish challenges and are set for problem solving. Expert in simulation of fire driven flows and fluid/structural interaction, with programming skills mainly based on C/C++, OpenFOAM and FDS. Solution-focused person with capability of rapidly adapting to new challenges. Modelling of smoke propagation and control for fire safety and evacuation measures to meet egress times. Computational Modelling for Fire Protection Engineering Design. Mechanical Engineering expert in Nairobi, Kenya providing building services (MEP) engineering design. Expert in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Water supply (Plumbing) and Drainage (Sanitation). Ability to produce technical papers and/or presentations.

Current Employment

  •  Lecturer - University of Nairobi (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Core subjects - Fluid Mechanics / Advanced Fluid Mechanics / Computational Fluid Dynamics


  •  PhD – Mechanical Engineering – Computational Fluid Dynamics / Fluid and structural interaction bias – National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 
  • MPhil Mechanical Engineering – Queen Mary University of London
  • BSc (Mech.Eng)  - University of Nairobi

Professional Strengths


  • Fluid dynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Fire-Driven Flows
  • Heat Transfer


  • C/C++
  • Linux
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS)


    • OpenFOAM
    • FireFoam
    • Comsol
    • Ansys Fluent
    • Pyrosim

Accomplishments and milestones


  • Published "Numerical simulation of vibration of horizontal cylinder induced by progressive waves." In: Fluid Dynamics Research. 2016;48(1):15008
  • Published "Numerical study of flow past two counter rotating cylinders using immersed boundary method." In: Journal of Marine Science and Technology - Taiwan. 2015;23 (5):761-773.
  • Published "Incompressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics modeling of thermal convection." In: Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics. 2013;6 (2):211-235.
  • Published "Numerical Assessment of Three Flexibly Mounted Rotary Wave Energy Converters With a Two Degree of Freedom Constraint." In: 2nd Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference. Tokyo, Japan; 2014.
  • Published "Direct forcing immersed boundary simulation for lock-in phenomena and assessment for renewable energy." In: The 12th International Conference on Fluid Control, Measurements, and Visualization. Nara, Japan; 2013.
  • Published "Optimisation of a Cyclone Combustor to Burn Bagasse (A numerical simulation and experimental validation based on cylindrical particle model)." In: The combustion Institute (British Section) Newsletter, 2002, Issue 1. The combustion Institute (British Section); 2002.




Consultancy and Recent research projects

  • Smoke propagation (and Temperature distribution) and control simulation models for fire safety and evacuation
  • Evaluation of performance of a Piezo-electric wave energy converter – ongoing
  • Prediction of pressure drop across narrow channels of various patterns (done for National Applied Research Laboratories Taiwan)
  • Modeling of ocean-based renewable energy systems




Highlights of CFD expertise


  • Finite difference
  • Finite volume


  • Immersed boundary
  • Body-fitted techniques


  • Parallel Prog. MPIRUN/OpenMPI
  • Simulation - RANS/LES


  • Prof. S.M. Mutuli – Univ. of Nairobi (Dept. Mech. Eng.)  -
  • Prof. Ming-Jyh CHERN – National Taiwan University of Science & Technology  (Dept. Mech. Eng.)-

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