Ernest O. Akelo Lecturer in Management Sciences

Ernest joined the School of Business in January 1995. He has been involved in teaching both in the MBA, MA Economics and BCOM programs.

During his 18 years at the school, he has taught a wide range of courses including Business Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Operations Research, Heuristics and Simulation, Business Modeling, Management Decision Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods among others.

 His research interests include: Application of OR/MS in decision making; Simulation; Performance Monitoring and Evaluation; Project Management, and Game Theory.     

Prior to joining the School, he worked briefly with the Ministry of Planning and National Development as Economist/Statistician (Central Bureau of Statistics).  He was involved in a lot of research work including developing and maintaining databases, designing research instruments, developing sampling frames, data collection and analysis, in a number of projects.

 He has also done a lot of work on Impact Assessment of MFIs, Collection & Analysis of data on leading Economic Indicators; Cost of Financing Tertiary & Higher Education in Kenya; University of Nairobi Student Financing - Processing Students’ Bursary Awards.

Born in 1965, Ernest obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, with special emphasis on Statistics and Operations Research from the University of Nairobi in 1989. He obtained his MBA from the same University in 1992, majoring in Management Science.


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