Needs Assessment for Climate Information on Decadal Timescales and Longer

Odada E, Barange M, Goddard L. "Needs Assessment for Climate Information on Decadal Timescales and Longer." Procedia Environmental Sciences. 2010;VOLUME 1: Pages 275-286.



Societal needs for climate information on decadal timescales is confirmed in terms of its potential value and relevance as a driver in sector decision-making, but such information is currently lacking. Predictions and observationally based analyses for decadal climate variability and change are needed. In addition, the following issues have been identified as those that must be addressed in order to facilitate effective use of climate information on decadal timescales in the decision-making processes of different socio-economic sectors: building effective partnership systems linking stakeholders, users and decision-making sectors and climate information providers; more research and investment is to translate information of large-scale decadal variations into the regional and local scales required for decisions; maintaining and sustaining the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), in particular, enhancement of the global ocean observing system; and, ways to assemble, check quality, reprocess and reanalyse datasets relevant to decadal prediction. Ways of securing climate observing systems particularly in least developed regions are urgently needed.

Agriculture and food production; water management;energy;marine fisheries and ecosystems; land degradation and fire management: health


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