The Critical Technological Factors of E-Government in Kenya

Makau GK, Omwenga EI, Muranga NJ. "The Critical Technological Factors of E-Government in Kenya." International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research (IJCATR). 2015;4(2):92-97. copy at


EGovernment and innovation can provide significant opportunities to transform public administration into an instrument of sustainable development. However, the rate of failure of eGovernment projects in the developing world, and specifically Africa, has raised questions on the critical factors contributing to their success or failure. The general lack of comprehensive information concerning eGovernment project performance status and the critical technological factors influencing it in Kenya also necessitated this study. To answer this question, this study aimed at assessing the critical technological factors of eGovernment projects performance in Kenya. The study targeted all the 18 eGovernment projects in place implemented through the Communications Authority (CA) of Kenya. The results are based on response from 217 respondents who consisted of 52 eGovernment project implementers and 165
eGovernment service consumers. The study found that of the technological predictors of eGovernment, only system integration, processes and usage of eGovernment system emerged to have positive significant relationships with project performance in Kenya.
Other factors including information technology standards, security issue, privacy issue, cooperation or collaboration, eGovernment portal availability, eGovernment portal access, and various computer usages also had positive but insignificant relationships with eGovernment project performance and hence not critical in influencing to eGovernment project performance in Kenya.
Keywords: eGovernment, Projects, Critical, Technological, Factors, Performance

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