Personal Information


Elias Otieno Obudho is a Kenyan national. He holds a masters degree in Mathematical Statistics and BSc degree in Mathematics, both from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Obudho has a post graduate certificate obtained from an external program course in Research Methods for Agronomists from the Wye College, University of London.  He is a Statistics/Biometrics Lecturer and currently involved in research, research supervision and consultancy, advising graduate students and other researchers on biometrical issues, research methodologies, experimental designs and analysis

Mr. Obudho brings over 20 years of research design and methodology experience in Agricultural and Social Science research to the University.  Other experience includes statistical consulting for local and international organizations and serving as a resource person for various trainings and workshops on participatory on-farm research among other subjects.  Mr. Obudho has worked as a Statistical Consultant to:

  1. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics – A resource person for staff training on Statistical Concepts, appropriate use of Stata Statistical Software and Spread sheets.
  2. Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Livelihood Programme (PRSL) of UNDP-Somalia – Designing and analyzing surveys, and reviewing of reports.
  3. Oxfam GB on Regional Report on the Status of Pastoralism in the Eastern Africa region
  4. Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International – Data analysis and report writing
  5. Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Soil Health Program - as a Statistics Resource Persons in a workshop.

Mr. Obudho is currently a registered PhD student in Drylands Resource Management at the University of Nairobi. His research focus is on modelling of pastoralist vulnerability with respect to livestock drought mortality and climate change where he intends to apply his conceptual and analytical abilities in making a contribution towards poverty alleviation in the drylands.  This contribution should enhance pastoralists’ livelihood while fostering preservation, conservation, improvement and continued welfare of the environmental and natural resources and sustainable development.

Mr. Obudho is a member of the International Biometrics Society (IBS).


Areas Of Specialization

Statistics, Biometrics, Participatory Research and Research Methodology, Design and Analysis of Experiments.   

Research Interests

Applications in Participatory Research and Research Methodology, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Research methodology for Gender Integrated Agricultural Trials, Plant distribution modeling using DIVA-GIS

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