HIV/AIDS Financing and Spending in Eastern and Southern Africa

Odundo P; EN; UKKHN & J. "HIV/AIDS Financing and Spending in Eastern and Southern Africa.". In: IDASA. Pretoria: IDASA; 2008.


Substantial financial and human resources from donors, governments, civil society organisations and the private sector have been committed to fighting HIV/AIDS since it was first discovered in Africa. As more resources are allocated, there is a growing need for countries to properly account for these funds. This book measures the financial response to the pandemic in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania Malawi and Zambia. This publication emerges out of an extensive multi-country resource tracking project conducted by Idasa’s Governance and AIDS Programme that analysed the national budgets of these countries from an HIV/AIDS perspective; investigated and evaluated how HIV/AIDS resources are disbursed, for what activities and for whose benefit; and made recommendations on effective and efficient HIV/AIDS financing and spending.

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