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Elizabeth Wainaina is a Computer Technologist in the University of Nairobi at the Department of Animal Production.Holds a Diploma of Applied Statistics from The Kenya Poly.

I have been exposed to the computer world with Word Processing packages for DOS e.g. Wordstar, Wordperfect 5.1, Data Management packages e.g. Lotus 123, Harvard graphics, etc. I am also proficient with Wordperfect for windows, Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, powerpoint. For data analysis I use  Instat, Genstat, and SPSS. Generally I assist the undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate students and the staff undertaking research on how to use the computer when writing up their projects and thesis and also while managing and analyzing the data.

Any installation of programs in the computer that is I am able to trouble shoot when there is software and also hardware problem e.g. fixing new memory cards etc. Also maintain the internet configuration in the department making sure the staff enjoy the internet services.

Am also a Chair person of UNTENSU in Upper Kabete Campus.

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