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Dr. Edwin Dindi Ndubi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geology, University of Nairobi. His areas of specialization are:  Exploration Geophysics, Seismology and Structural Geology. Prior to joining the University of Nairobi as a Tutorial Fellow in 1985, he worked as an Exploration Geophysicist in the Mines and Geological Department (Kenya) for 3 years. At the University of Nairobi he rose through the ranks to Lecturer in 1987 and Senior Lecturer in 1995. In December 1997 he was appointed by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization (CTBTO-PTS) as a Technical Evaluation Officer covering Seismic, Hydroacoustic and Infra Sound Technologies.

CTBTO-PTS is a specialized United Nations Agency based in Vienna, Austria. He worked at the Organization for 12 years returning to Kenya in 2010. His current research interests include earthquake monitoring in Kenya, the application of geophysical methods in groundwater studies and Geotechnical problems, Structural Geology and Geotectonics with special interest in crustal studies of the East African Rift System.

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