Secret to Academic to Success, at Chiromo Campus, 4/28/2017:
Health Literacy Interventions in the uptake of Primary Health Care Services in Nairobi., at University of Nairobi, Kenya, 3/17/2017
CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE AND STROKE IN KENYA, at Safari park Hotel, Nairobi , Kenya, 12/7/2016:

Stroke News
Pediatric Stroke
Rural Stroke
Cerebral Aneurysm
Histo pathological predictors
Anatomical predictors

Presentation to staff of Audit Department,"HEALTH, WEALTH AND WELL-BEING", at University of Nairobi, 6/24/2016:


Curriculum Reforms in Kenya: Imperatives for effective Implementation, at The Oxford Place, Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya., 5/20/2016:

Education and training have been identified in the Kenya Vision 2030 as a key social pillar and a medium that will drive Kenya into becoming a middle-income economy. Constitution 2010 also supported free and compulsory basic education as a human right to every Kenyan child aged 4-18 years (Basic Education Act 2013). According to National Education Sector Plan (2013-2018), access, equity, quality, relevance, governance and cross cutting are the key themes in education and therefore they are fundamentally issues of great concern to education and training in Kenya.

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